Whoever said “Diamonds are a girl´s best friend”…

Since I´m currently sick, I´ve had an excuse to spend some more time than usual on Pinterest, the online time waster full of colorful art and contemporary wisdom. (It´s also full of colorful trash and contemporary misconceptions, but we´ll let that slide for now, okay?)

So, I was innocently surfing Pinterest, when I suddenly stumbled across this picture:

I´ve seen it before. It´s a really cute quote, coupled with a slightly retro picture of a little girl hugging her dog. Seeing this image makes the old saying of “Diamonds are a girl´s best friend” seem even more superficial and just plain wrong. I used to be enchanted with this view and the sweet feeling of connection to my dog I got when entertaining it.

Today however, something about the picture struck me as odd.
It says “Whoever said ´Diamonds are a girl´s best friend´has never owned a dog.” … “…owned a dog.” … “…OWNED a dog.”

Folks, I don´t know about you, but I don´t OWN my dog. I paid money for her, yes I did, and I´m still paying – but I´m far, far from owning her. Maybe that peculiar feeling also comes from her being an Akita (yes please, you can serve up the clichés now, James), but I don´t feel like I OWN my dog.

I cohabitate with her. She´s my roommate. My sometimes grumpy, sometimes excited to see me, sometimes just tired roommate. My roommate who is perfectly innoticeable at times, and pushy and curious the next time. My roommate who keeps herself quite clean, but still manages to leave hair all over the place and can never quite be bothered to clean up all of her stuff lying around on the floor.

When I go places, I take her with me, IF she likes to. If she doesn´t feel like walking, she stays home and takes a nap.
That´s a big difference from, say, my iPad, which I actually own and which gets no say in whether it´s going to Uni with me today or not. 😉

All in all, I know it´s basically nitpicking, but I still feel like we should reconsider the way we talk about our supposed best friend. We don´t have to go very far, in my opinion – to me, “having” a dog sounds fair enough. You have a dog like you have a great day, an awesome idea, a good friend. You have an adolescent dog like you have a headache, a pimple, a pain in the ass. (Owners of dogs undergoing puberty will probably relate…)

You have a dog like (yes, this stretches the cliché that people get dogs as child surrogates) you have a kid. You pay for all of it´s ressources and expenses, you take care of it, you educate it, you play with it, you show them their rules and limitations… but incidentally, you also don´t say you OWN kids.

So I think this would be a more appropriate way of describing the relationship we entertain with our furry best friends.
What’s your opinion?

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