As you guys probably know, my Akita and co-owner Kaya is rather on the low energy level side. However, as she’s now 6.5 months old and entering puberty, she has these interesting days where she wakes up happy and energized and ready to rock the world (which she usually demonstrates by grabbing the nearest toy and kill-shaking it wildly).
Today was one of those days.
Incidently, today was also the day I woke up with a horrible, horrible hangover. So after somehow…. managing to take out the dog and letting her have free run of the house, I went back to bed. Lying there in agony, contemplating my regrettable choices last night, suddenly Kaya walked right up to me. She put on a big fat grin like she was on drugs, sniffed my mouth, and grinned even harder. It definitely looked like:
“Oh, so you’re hungover? Had too much last night, huh? :D”


Kaya’s wonderful “morning after” grin
When she was done laughing at me and the state I was in, she decided to be a sweet girl and crawl into bed with me for five minutes to give me some comfort. Not without smiling viciously though 😉

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