By popular request (i.e. one person asked for it 😀 ) I’ve decided, as lame as travel blogs are since noone staying at home wants to read about the adventures of other people, I’ll post my journey to and through the Highands of Scotland anyway. I’ve always thought reading travel blogs is a strange form of passivity bordering on voyeurism, but maybe someone will find some details helpful, and that’s good enough. 🙂

Quick facts:

  • Kaya, my Akita dog and me, a 27 y.o. PhD student are walking the West Highland is Way together.
  • Duration: 8 days, 150km
  • Getting there: 2 days
  • Getting back: 2 days
  • Before getting back, we’ll stay night in Glasgow and one in Edinburgh.

We took an early morning train from Munich/Germany, to Amsterdam, where we boarded a DFDS ferry overnight to Newcastle. Dog spent the night in the “dog hotel”, ie the kennels, I in a windowless cabin. The next day, we took two more trains to Edinburgh and finally Glasgow, where were greeted with stunning weather, 11 degrees and sunshine (compared to 9 degrees and rain at Munich, as my weather app had informed me).
After a 1/2h walk to the outskirts of Glasgow, we arrived at the wonderful Onslow Guesthouse by the lovely owner, who I’m sure said a lot of sweet and interesting things that reached my ears, but not my mind, barred by a thick Scottish accent and a missing row of front teeth. (I hope he never reads this :D) So I smiled and nodded a lot, sprinkling in the occasional exclamatory remark in (hopefully) the right places.
The stay was very nice, beautifully kept and clean place. After taking way to long for having breakfast, taking the dog to the park, and regretfully packing my way to heavy pack which I had wisely supplemented the day before with a camera usb adapter and a mini Bluetooth keyboard (since I hadn’t been carrying enough stuff, right?!) Kaya and I warmed up with a quick sprint through Glasgow station visiting 3 different platforms on 2 stories before finally missing the train.
So we’ll start late today, arriving at Milngavie at 12ish, but hey, who’s in a rush? 🙂

Doggie tips:
– [ ] There’s a dog park only 5min on foot from Onslow Guesthouse, to the right when you exit the premises.
– [ ] Onslow Guesthouse charges 10GBP for a dog. Staff are super friendly.

Other tips:
– [ ] At the station, when in doubt rely on the staff rather than the nationalrailway webpage.

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